Wakanda Forever: 10 Wakanda Facts Only Comic Book Fans Know

Phase 4 of the MCU has virtually come to an end with the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Once again, the nation of Wakanda, where Black Panther is from, was the subject of the movie. However, despite the country’s importance in the MCU, there is still a lot of unknown information for the viewer.

What information is presented in the movie helps viewers understand the history and culture of the nation. But there are still a lot of details that moviegoers are unaware of. Fans who have read the comics, however, have discovered more information about the nation that the MCU either omits or modifies.

1 The exact location is constantly changing.

Wakanda’s location seems to be shifting constantly, with the exception of the fact that it is on the African continent. Wakanda was shown as being close to the Atlantic Ocean in early comics. Later comics, however, revealed that the nation was really landlocked in the middle of the continent as well as to the west.

2 The Wakandan Dollar is the currency

It’s difficult to think that vibranium isn’t the primary form of currency in the nation when so many vibranium inventions in the MCU originate from Wakandan vibranium. In actuality, the Wakandan dollar is the dominant currency.

Wakanda Forever: 10 Wakanda Facts Only Comic Book Fans Know

Given the abundance of vibranium in the nation, it is surprising that Wakandans were able to diversify their economy and establish the Wakandan Dollar as the main currency. Although there is ongoing debate as to what this currency is in contrast to the American Dollar and other types of currency, this obscure information is still not stated inside the MCU owing to its lack of relevancy to the films’ primary narrative.

3 The nation has a covert police force.

There are other Wakandans that ought to join the MCU, but individuals who only watch the MCU films are unaware of the Hatut Zeraze, a Wakandan organization that only appears in the comics.

The Wakandan secret police, known as the Hatut Zeraze or “Dogs of War,” are in charge of torturing and destroying the country’s adversaries. They still support Wakanda and operate in accordance with their beliefs, even if Black Panther banished them and turned them into mercenaries. Although the group’s tactics may not be as kind as T’Challa would want, they are nevertheless willing to die for Wakanda.

4 The nation became a monarchy with a constitution.

According to the MCU, each tribe’s elders govern Wakanda as a tribal monarchy. And for a time, this was the situation with the comics.

While Wakanda was a tribal monarchy in the comics, T’Challa finally succeeded in transforming the nation into a constitutional monarchy in more modern publications. As a result, Wakandans were able to cast ballots and choose their own representatives, which increased the influence of the people’s wishes on the governance of the nation. Even though this adjustment was only recently made, comic book fans still remember it well.

5 The United Tribes Number 18

Wakanda is portrayed in the MCU as being made up of five different tribes. However, in the comic book version of Wakanda, that number is much higher.

In the comic books, Wakanda is truly governed by the Black Panther and the tribal council (later known as the Wakandan Constitutional Council), which unites 18 separate tribes. With the exception of the Jabari Tribe, which, as in the MCU, worships a gorilla deity instead of the Panther Goddess that the rest of the nation honors, the tribes all generally live in harmony with one another.

6 Foreign education is not permitted.

Several phrases from the highly popular character Black Panther adequately summarize him.Many people are unaware of the fact that he attended school outside of Wakanda, which is strictly prohibited in the comics.

All Wakandans were required to get their free education at different schools located within the boundaries of the nation due to Wakanda’s isolationist position. T’Challa was the first person in Wakandan history to get an education outside of the nation, which was against the law. However, since he was the chief’s son, Wakandan law did not penalize him in any way for the offense.

7 They have a metahuman school.

There are many strong superhero teams in the MCU, but for each of them to utilize their abilities to the fullest, they either received training or trained themselves. Unknown to many, Wakanda maintains a school for training individuals with special abilities.

Wakanda Forever: 10 Wakanda Facts Only Comic Book Fans Know

The Wakandan School for Alternative Studies, which has its headquarters in Wakanda, was established as a unique institution for meta-humans to learn how to better manage their superpowers. It’s plausible to assume that the school is still in operation, even if it hasn’t yet trained any genuinely important people and has just made a fleeting appearance in the comics.

8 They Have Found A Cancer Cure

It should not come as a surprise that Wakanda has developed some of the most potent medical advancements in the world, including cancer treatments. The Wakandans are hesitant to spread this cancer treatment to the rest of the world, however, due to their isolationism. They do not believe that the outside world is deserving of

this remedy when they continue to push and sell items that kill people like cigarettes, much as the X-Men have been hesitant to divulge their techniques for resurrection in recent publications. With time, maybe they’ll develop a greater willingness to impart their expertise to those who need it the most.

9 They Have A Black Panther Cemetery For The Dead

Over the years, T’Challa was one of many Black Panthers to rise and fall in Wakanda. In the comics, the corpses of these fallen warriors are sent to a location called Necropolis, whereas the MCU depicts them in the Astral Plane.

Necropolis, sometimes called Birnin Mutata, is where all the dead Black Panthers are buried. Bast once transformed T’Challa into the King of the Dead, giving him all the power, wisdom, and experience that has ever belonged to a Black Panther. Even though it is a city of the dead, T’Chall has previously utilized it as a base, particularly for the Illuminati when they learned of the Incursion and the end of the Multiverse.

10 They Have a Galactus Plan B.

Galactus is without a doubt one of the greatest threats to Earth that the Avengers have ever faced.The heroes just manage to prevail each time he poses a danger to the globe.

As a result, Wakanda has created its own backup strategy to deal with the Devourer of Worlds. The only knowledge we have about this plot is that it includes the Hulk, the whole Wakandan air force, a shape-shifter, and Doctor Doom’s cosmic energy siphoning technology. Given how long Wakanda has had this strategy in place, it’s safe to assume that it’s a strategy that would succeed if all the pieces fell into place.

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