The 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland, a striker from Norway, is City’s first acquisition of the summer.

The 21-year-old signed a five-year contract that will keep him at the Etihad Stadium until the summer of 2027, and he will join the club on July 1.

Here are 10 facts about our fascinating new arrival that you may or might not know.

1. An Amazing Leap Forward

Haaland’s talent for sports was obvious even as a young child.

Surprisingly, he continues to retain the record for the longest standing long jump by a five-year-old in the world.

According to international age records, the Norwegian striker broke the record on January 22, 2006, with a stunning jump of 1.63 meters.

2. Alarm Anthem

Haaland has acknowledged that at one time, his preferred wakeup call tone was the Champions League song.

“My alarm clock is [the Champions League song].” He remarked in 2019, “I wake up to it every day—that’s the last tune I’m weary of.”

I always have a wonderful morning.

The 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Erling Haaland

3. Tunes Of Glory

Along with two other prominent young Norwegian athletes, Erik Tobias Sandberg and Erik Botheim, Haaland was a member of the rap trio the Flow Kingz before relocating to Austria to play for Red Bull Salzburg.

More than 9 million people have seen their Kygo Jo music video on YouTube so far!

We were close friends and part of the national squad when we were maybe 16 or 17 years old, so we certainly trained but had nothing to do the rest of the day, according to Haaland.

Erik Tobias Sandberg was an excellent rhymer, so after trying a lot of strange things, the group decided to film a music video because, “Why not?”

Since Erik Botheim claims to be a skilled rapper, he performed the rap. I was the one with the lengthy poem at that point.

The song is ultimately quite lovely and has received a lot of views.

4. Evolution

Haaland is still young, but his 6-foot-4 height and imposing physique give him a commanding physical presence.

Haaland’s colleagues affectionately referred to him as “the man-child” because of his height and stature while he played for Molde in his home country of Norway.

not least because he grew 12 centimeters taller throughout one outstanding season!

5. Title Appeal

Haaland was raised in Bryne, a tiny farming community located around 25 miles south of Stavanger.

And once he quits playing football, he says he can picture himself caring for and tending to farm animals.

Speaking earlier this year, Erling said, “I don’t own cows or pigs, but I will for sure in the future.”

Yes, I believe that whenever I retire, I will have a little farm. I’m not sure where, but I can bet I’ll bring some animals.

“We’re considering acquiring a few goats; we’ll see.”

6. Athletic Ability

Along with his prowess in the long jump, Erling excelled in a variety of other sports as well.

Haaland’s father, Alfie, introduced him to handball, cross-country skiing, and athletics when he was a boy.

Alfie said, “It was before [Erling] began playing football.” To challenge himself, we used to take him to sporting events.

“Until he was 14, Erling participated in handball, sports, and cross-country skiing. He was encouraged to play handball by Norway’s handball manager. The neighboring tennis and handball courts appealed to me.

“Variability is crucial. No matter what you do, getting to develop entirely distinct body parts might be beneficial.

7. Stories About Sleeping

While playing for Red Salzburg, Haaland said that he went to bed with the five match balls he had won while recording hat-tricks during a goal-filled first few months there, further demonstrating his enthusiasm for the game.

Haaland had a sensational first season with the Austrian club.

Additionally, he stated: “I sleep with the five balls for each hat-trick I have scored” in an interview with a Norwegian news station.

“I feel nice with them while I lay in bed. I give them daily attention. I call them my girlfriends.

The 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Erling Haaland

8. Family jokes

Alfie Haaland, Erling’s father, is widely recognized for his athletic abilities since he competed at the top level of football in England, including a memorable three-year stint with City from 2000 to 2003.

His mother, though, also has a storied sports past of her own.

In the 1990s, Gry Marita Braut of Norway won several heptathlon competitions. Competitors specialize in a variety of taxing events, including the 100-meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200-meter run, long jump, javelin, and 800-meter run.

9. Extra-Inspirational

When he was a younger player, Michu, a cult striker for Spain and former Swansea City player, served as one of Erling’s motivational role models.

Haaland even at one point identified himself as Michuoviedo9 on Instagram in honor of the Spaniard after the forward’s stunning performances during the 2012–13 season in south Wales, which saw Michu score 22 goals in 43 games and help the Welsh team win the League Cup.

In exchange, Michu, who was later forced to leave the game early owing to injury, gave Haaland a signed jersey with his name on the back from Burgos, where he had taken up the role of sports director.

10.Native Son

A little over a month after his father, Alfie Haaland, transferred from Leeds United to City, Haaland was born on July 21, 2000, in Leeds.

Erling was legally qualified to play for the English national team since he was born in England, if he had wanted to do so.

Erling eventually decided to play international football with Norway since his family had returned to his native Norway in 2003.

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