Ten little-known facts about Novak Djokovic

Tennis player Novak Djokovic is from Serbia. He is without a doubt regarded as one of tennis’ GOATs and holds a number of records. He has 20 Grand Slam victories. He and Swiss great Roger Federer both hold this record. With 358 weeks and counting, he is the global leader in terms of the most weeks. After Rod Laver, Novak is the first person to have won each Grand Slam twice. He is also the first guy to have won each of the nine Masters 1000 championships. Beginning in 2011, he ruled the sport with an unmatched level of dominance. We’ll now explore 10 little-known facts about Novak Djokovic.

1. Tennis introduction

At the age of 4, he picked up a racquet for the first time, and during his regular trips to a tennis camp, he would watch others play. He was developed into the player he is now by former tennis player Jelena Gencic, who also oversaw the program.

Ten little-known facts about Novak Djokovic

2. A painful loss

Few people are aware that Djokovic considered quitting tennis following his 2010 Roland Garros semifinal defeat. After a tense five-set encounter against a player with a low ranking, a defeat resulted. Novak reflected on his tennis career in light of this.

3. Being vegan

Along with refined sugar, Djokovic abstains from eating dairy, gluten, and red meat. He follows a plant-based diet and is a vegan. He attributes his improved fitness and development as a player to this diet.

4. The mulatto

Novak has a remarkable range of languages. He is conversant in 11 languages, including Serbian and English, his mother tongue. In addition to Spanish, he also speaks Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and many other languages.

5. Supremacy

The Serbian has won 42 consecutive matches at Wimbledon and the Australian Open combined. In the fourth round of the 2018 Australian Open, he was defeated by Hyeon Chung. Additionally, Tomas Berdych dealt him his most recent Wimbledon loss in the quarterfinals of 2017.

Ten little-known facts about Novak Djokovic

6. Prize money Novak

 Djokovic has won the most awards in history. World No. 1 has won over $150 million in prizes.This is also more than his long-time rivals Roger Federer ($130 million) and Rafael Nadal ($124 million) have earned.

7. Married man

In 2014, Djokovic married Jelena Djokovic. Since they were in high school, the two had been dating and had known one another since they were young. He is the father of Tara, a girl, and Stefan, a boy.

8. Personal narrative

In 2013, Novak published a book titled “Serve to Win.” The book focuses on his workout routine and nutrition, which helped him become the best tennis player in the world. The gluten-free movement is credited with having its roots in this book.

9. A restaurant proprietor

In 2016, Djokovic, also known as Nole, launched a dining establishment in Monte Carlo. Eqvita is the name of the vegan eatery. Additionally, it pays homage to his upbringing, since his parents owned many eateries.

10. A music clip

In 2011, Nole had an appearance in a Martin Solveig music video. The video, titled “Hello,” shows Djokovic competing at Roland Garros against DJ Bob Sinclar.

These were Novak Djokovic’s ten little-known facts. Keep reading for more informative tennis news and articles.

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