Ten Facts About Bella Hadid

There is no doubting that the Hadid sisters intrigue us, and that fascination has only grown after we learned they are partially Palestinian. Gigi Hadid, the elder sister, has been modeling since she was two years old, and Bella Hadid, who was born Isabella Khair Hadid, is by no means the first model in the family. Yolanda, her mother, modeled for 15 years during her adolescence.

Gigi has 44 million Instagram followers compared to Bella’s 20 million, but Bella’s popularity has been rising significantly over the last year. She established herself solidly in the modeling industry by appearing in several campaigns and walking innumerable runway shows for the top names in fashion and beauty. In 2016, she was even crowned “Model of the Year” by model.com.

You may ask whether there is anything about Bella that we don’t already know since her life is so well-known, but we’ve done considerable research to offer you brand-new information about the model. Happy stalking!

Ten Facts About Bella Hadid

1. She has two lesser-known sisters.

Alana and Marielle, two half-siblings from Mohamed Hadid’s first marriage to Mary Butler, are older than Bella Hadid. The siblings are all extremely close, and Bella often posts pictures of her gorgeous nephew (Marielle’s kid) on Instagram.

2. A natural Olympian

Bella was a talented equestrian who dreamed of competing in the Olympics before being diagnosed with Lyme disease. On the Santa Barbara, California, ranch where she grew up, she spent the most of her early years riding horses.

3. Mohamed Hadid, Bella’s father, is very wealthy.

Even though his daughters have become well-known supermodels, their father still comes out on top financially. The entrepreneur, who has built his wealth by building Ritz Carlton hotels and mega-mansions throughout the globe, is worth $400 million.

4. Favors hiding from the camera

Modeling was always Gigi’s thing, according to Bella Hadid, who first relocated to New York to attend Parsons School of Design to study fashion photography. She says her love of photography helped her grasp what looks good and how to move in front of the camera, even though she dropped out of school to pursue modeling.

5. Bella Hadid claims to be an ardent Muslim.

The model’s father is of Palestinian descent, and she claims that when she was younger, they would pray together. She may not be outspoken about her beliefs, but there is no denying that she is proud of her roots and her place in the world.

6. The actress is also a campaigner.

Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi were spotted participating in a demonstration in support of refugees and immigrants in the United States. Bella Hadid asserts that she feels that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and decency.

7. desires more diversity in the modeling profession.

It’s always good to hear someone who embodies the stereotype of perfect beauty speak out against something that could already be in her best interests. Bella Hadid’s advocacy for diversity of origins and body types in the business makes us feel good on the inside.

8. The toughest professional choice she’s ever had to make was selling her horse.

The model sold her horse at the same time she had to quit riding due to sickness in 2016, and she claims that this decision was really painful for her.

Ten Facts About Bella Hadid

9. Her first employment was at a juice bar.

Bella Hadid began her modeling career in a juice bar; she was even dishwashing and working the register. This is undoubtedly a far cry from the successful international modeling profession she eventually achieved. You go, girl! Everyone begins somewhere!

10. She was well known on Keeks.

You probably haven’t heard of Keek in a while, huh? Bella was already doing well back when the first Snapchat-style social media platform allowed users to publish 30-second videos of themselves to their profiles for the world to see.

Which new Bella information did you not know? Let us know!

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