Sunday Was “An Unforgettable Occurrence” For Seahawks Thanks To German Fans

Both teams will remember the first NFL regular-season game played in Germany because of the electrifying atmosphere at Allianz Arena.

Sunday Was “An Unforgettable Occurrence” MUNICH— Even Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who have played in more significant football games than anybody else on earth, were in awe of what happened at Allianz Arena on Sunday.

Although the Seahawks lost to the Buccaneers 21-16, Carroll and his players still had a lot of positive things to say about the game and their time in Munich this week. Of course, the Seahawks would have wanted to leave Munich with a victory.

Carroll remarked, “The fans were wonderful, and this entire journey has been fantastic.” … What an event! This incident will live long in my memory. I don’t know how it’s possible to be in that stadium with them all connected like that. They must have practiced this a lot since they’re incredibly excellent at it, and I was admiring that. “I feel quite fortunate to have the opportunity to be here, as it is a memorable experience.”

Sunday Was “An Unforgettable Occurrence” For Seahawks Thanks To German Fans

At certain points during the day, the crowd would sing in unison as if they had spent the previous week there practicing the songs, and Carroll’s reference to the linked aspect of the performance was indeed evident. There was a special and exciting atmosphere in the stadium, whether it was singing along to the German national anthem before the game or “Country Road, Take Me Home” in the fourth quarter or lingering around late after the game to keep the party going.

Brady remarked, “That was one of the finest football moments I’ve ever had in my 23 years in the League and for a regular-season game.”I thought there were a ton of fans there. From the moment we entered the field, the mood seemed to be really electrifying. It was very amazing when they sang “Country Road” and “Sweet Caroline” at the game’s conclusion. Everyone that took part in that experience, in my opinion, got to keep a fairly incredible memory for the rest of their lives.

One of the best moments I’ve ever had was that. I’ve twice performed at Wembley. This is as fantastic as it gets, and I played in Estadio Azteca in Mexico, which was another incredible experience.

Because both teams were well-represented, it was loud regardless of which side was on offense or which team made a successful play, which is one reason why both teams were gushing about the environment. Although this was technically a Tampa Bay home game, Seahawks supporters from all over the world invaded Munich over the week and participated in the game.

Coach of the Buccaneers Todd Bowles observed, “A lot of Seahawks fans are here.” However, the audience was energized. The entire game, from start to finish, was deafening. It’s a terrific place to play, and the German fans are amazing, in my opinion.

The majority of both teams’ supporters stood throughout the whole game, naturally singing loudly.

Carroll remarked, “I’ve never seen a mob like this.” I’ve never witnessed a crowd in a stadium be so united and in tune as they were. We’ve been in noisy stadiums and even louder ones, but never one where everyone was talking at once. How do they achieve that? “It was quite a show, albeit I have no idea how they can all sing at once.”

Geno Smith, a quarterback, said: “The stadium and the atmosphere in general felt different, but I thought the fans were incredible.” The entire time, it was tense. They have a few chants for soccer. I really anticipated that. Thus, it was a wonderful experience. “I undoubtedly liked it.”

Sunday Was “An Unforgettable Occurrence” For Seahawks Thanks To German Fans

Although it’s a lengthy journey for a West Coast club to make, the Seahawks are more than willing to do it again if the league requests it in the future. This was their second trip to Europe after defeating the Raiders in London in 2018.

Carroll stated, “If the league offers us an opportunity to do that, we’ll be wide open for it.” ” For us, this event was fantastic. It is incredibly helpful to have it arrive the week before the bye. If you didn’t have it, the experience is entirely different. If it weren’t for the bye, I wouldn’t want to do that. But it’s just so difficult in a competitive environment. Yes, we are totally open. I sincerely hope we can continue our relationship with the German fans. They treated us admirably. It’s as elegant as it possibly could be. It was top-notch in every way. I’ll say this: We were moved by a large number of individuals, including security personnel and other personnel. The generosity was evident. “People were so kind to us, attentive, and proactive that they truly made this a lovely trip.”

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