Neymar will miss the next game with a right ankle ligament injury.

Neymar and Danilo, two of Brazil’s top players, will miss their upcoming game due to injury, the five-time World Cup champions said on Friday.

It was revealed on Friday that five-time World Cup winner Brazil would be playing their next match without top players Neymar and Danilo owing to injuries sustained by both players.

The doctor for the Brazilian squad, Rodrigo Lasmar, has confirmed that both players will not be participating in the next match against Switzerland on Monday, but he is still optimistic that they will play again during the tournament.

Neymar will miss the next game with a right ankle ligament injury.

“We Thought It Was Important to Do an Image Exam, an MRI,” Lasmar says, “So That We Could Have More Data on the Evolution of the Two Players.””We Had More Data on the Development of the Two Players Because of the MRI.”
“The scans revealed that Neymar had injured the lateral ligament in his right ankle in addition to having a slight bone swelling.” Also, Danilo’s left ankle sustained damage to the medial ligament.

The players are still receiving treatment. This evaluation will be carried out on a daily basis in order to provide us with information and allow us to make the best judgments possible based on that knowledge. It is extremely vital for us to be calm and serene.

“We are able to confirm at this moment that the two players will not be available for our next game; nevertheless, they will continue to get treatment with the intention that they will get well in time for this tournament.”
Neymar suffered a sprained right ankle during his team’s inaugural World Cup game on Thursday, which was a 2-0 victory against Serbia. This news was verified by Neymar’s teammate, Lasmar, at a press conference held after the game.

The striker for Paris Saint-Germain was taken out of the game with ten minutes left after coming down as a result of a tackle. Once Neymar went to the bench, he sat down and covered his face with his shirt, giving the impression that he was experiencing strong emotions.

Neymar, who suffered an injury during Brazil’s 2014 World Cup semifinal, posted a message on Instagram on Friday, saying, “Today has become one of the hardest moments in my career… and again in a World Cup.”

Neymar, who suffered an injury during Brazil’s 2014 World Cup quarterfinal, sent a message on Instagram on Friday saying, “Today has been one of the worst times in my career… and again in a World Cup.”
“Yes, I have a serious injury, and it will hurt, but I’m certain I’ll have the opportunity to recover because I’ll work hard to serve my nation, my teammates, and myself.

I’ve been waiting for the enemies to take me down like this for a while. NEVER!”

As he left the field, Neymar, 30, was seen by cameras staring down at his ankle, which seemed to be severely swollen.

Neymar will miss the next game with a right ankle ligament injury.

Without a doubt, it will cause Brazil, as well as football fans everywhere, great anxiety because of how much less likely it would be to succeed without its star player.
Before leaving the game injured, Neymar had already shown his skill by setting up Vinicius Jr.’s opportunity for Brazil’s first goal. After Vincius Jr.’s effort was saved, Tottenham’s Richarlison finished for the first of his two goals on the night.

Brazil entered the 2019 World Cup as the favorite to win it, having lost only three times in 50 games since Belgium knocked it out of the 2018 World Cup. According to Nielsen’s Gracenote, Brazil has a 20% probability of winning the tournament.

Neymar will have to work quickly to regain his previous level of fitness before Brazil’s November 28 encounter against Switzerland in Group G.

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