About the Dallas Cowboys: 12 Interesting Facts!

One of the most recognizable brands in all of sports is the Dallas Cowboys. They are well-known not only in their home country but even outside. Every sports fan should put seeing a game at AT&T Stadium on their bucket list. Check out the following interesting facts about the Dallas Cowboys if you want to know more about them.

#1: On January 28, 1960, the Dallas Cowboys were officially given a franchise! They just recently celebrated their 60th year together.

About the Dallas Cowboys: 12 Interesting Facts!

#2: Since its inception, they have won FIVE Super Bowls, which ties them with the San Francisco 49ers for third place. They are followed by the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are tied with six victories each.

#3: They’ve won eight NFC titles. Sadly, the majority of those occurred throughout the 1970s and 1990s. Since 1995, they have not had NFC title success.

#4: From 1966 through 1985, the Dallas Cowboys were the only club in NFL history to have 20 consecutive winning seasons.

#5: It’s absurd, but the Dallas Cowboys don’t play there. In reality, they perform in Arlington, Texas.

#6: Rowdy is the name of the Cowboys’ mascot!

#7:The franchise has an estimated worth of $4 billion, making it the richest in the NFL. You read correctly. And it’s been more than 20 years since they last won a Super Bowl! Each season, they bring in over $500 million in income. If the team began winning again, who knows how much money they might be earning!

#8: The Cowboys go by a lot of monikers, including America’s Team, The Boys, Doomsday Defense, and Big D.

About the Dallas Cowboys: 12 Interesting Facts!

#9: The Cowboys started a run of 160 consecutive regular-season and postseason sold-out games in 1990. This includes 79 consecutive sellouts at Texas Stadium, their previous home, and 81 consecutive sellouts away from home. They have one of the most devoted fan bases in the NFL, if not all of sports.

#10: In Super Bowl VI against the Miami Dolphins, the Cowboys gave up the fewest points in Super Bowl history. Throughout the whole game, the Cowboys limited the Dolphins to only three points.

#11: The Cowboys’ only Super Bowl MVP is on the losing side.Sadly, he was unable to carry them far enough to win. Chuck Howley ensured that the Cowboys won several trophies despite losing Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts on a last-second field goal.

#12: The Cowboys were the NFL’s first expansion franchise. The Dallas Cowboys were the first authentically born expansion club in 1960, while subsequent teams arrived from the AFL and other leagues. The Cowboys are now among the most recognizable sports clubs ever.

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