10 “literally” true things about Kim Kardashian (2)

1. Kim Kardashian is worth a billion dollars.

Kim has been declared a billionaire. In only six months in 2021, the star’s net worth increased from $780 million to $1 billion, according to Forbes, all because of her two companies, shapewear firm Skims and cosmetics company KKW Beauty. It is an enormous sum of money. The value of the whole Kardashian family is beyond our comprehension.

2. The second-worst thing on the planet As stated by Kim,

It is not surprising that Kim, the queen of contouring, thinks that women’s foundation that is “too light” is the “worst thing on the globe”. Thank goodness we were able to replicate her KKW highlight and contour kits! If more females cover their skin with the appropriate shade, Kim won’t have to worry about it as much.

10 “literally” true things about Kim Kardashian (2)

3. She Dislikes the Meals You Like

Here are some entertaining Kim facts! If you want to prepare a dinner for her, be sure to leave out red velvet, cilantro, mustard, peppers, and blue cheese from the menu. She hates them to the core! Who really dislikes red velvet?

4. She is a huge Elizabeth Taylor fan.

Kim purchased $65,000 worth of jewels from Elizabeth Taylor’s estate auction after her passing, and she came close to purchasing her home as well. Kim imitated the late movie star in a picture session, and Kris Jenner even has a large painting of the legend in her home.

5. Kim extols Jennifer Lopez

While Kim has made no secret of her admiration for Cher and Liz Taylor, she also has another triple threat on her watch list: none other than Jennifer Lopez! It is easy to see why Kim adores the Puerto Rican singer after more than 20 years in show business.

6. Her Taste is Expensive

While most of us have dreams of our wedding day, we don’t anticipate it to cost $30 million. Also, Kim and Kanye had the names of all 150 guests permanently carved into the marble tables, unlike plebs like you and me who are accustomed to using conventional name cards to help seat our guests.

7. Kim once made a song available.

Everyone has regrets, but Kim’s can be heard in her cheesy 2011 hit, Jam (Turn It Up). Thankfully, the 2011 song wasn’t completely useless, despite how awful it was. She gave St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital half of the song’s revenue.

8. She Has an Expensive Beauty Routine

Before you decide to replicate the celebrity’s makeup style, think it over first! Consider setting aside money initially. According to reports, Kim’s skincare regimen costs $4,500, and her cosmetics routine costs a whopping $770 in total! Why else would she constantly seem flawless?

10 “literally” true things about Kim Kardashian (2)

9. She Sleeps in an Odd Manner.

A fun tidbit about Kim Kardashian would be nice. Kim sleeps with her eyes slightly open, which, in the words of the Insta-Queen, “scares the s**t out of people.” Imagine bumping into a sleeping Kim with wide eyes…

10. Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista are Kim’s modeling role models.

In her time, Kim has graced the covers of various publications and strutted her stuff on a number of catwalks. Kim emulates her favorite supermodels, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista, while posing for the camera.

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